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TR13/5, with advertising

Last week, the FCA published TR13/5, positioning it as an early report card on how advisers are doing with their implementation of RDR. Accompanied by some challenging research from NMG on how consumers are responding so far to Adviser Charging […]

3 into 1 does go – Raymond James mixes it up

Hello, hello, hot, isn’t it? Well, it is today; where today is the day I’m writing this, which is not necessarily the day you’re reading it. Such is the nature of producing stuff on the online internet superhighway; you can […]

Race to the midriff – Transact cuts its charges

Here we go, been a while since someone monkeyed around with their charges. The lang cat patented Recursive Pricing Engine (with integrated Turing Guessing Module) was getting a bit dusty, so this is just the thing. Now, Transact. The grandaddy […]

Clean is the new dirty

Hello and welcome to the first lang cat blog of 2013. At least the first blog on this site, I,ve been doing some posting over on Adviser Lounge, which is worth a visit if you haven,t already. So the hot […]

BAM! BIFF! POW! Take that, haters – AXA Elevate slashes its charges

Well, this is just tremendously inconvenient. After putting out a blog on Zurich last week and a big update to subscribers to the lang cat Guide to Platform Pricing, AXA’s only gone and made a pricing change to its Elevate […]

Caught in a ZIP – first look & pricing analysis at Zurich Wrap

So at the Scottish IFP conference yesterday (which was excellent) I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Zurich’s new retail platform (the Zurich Intermediary Platform or ZIP – I’m not kidding, you can imagine the forthcoming ad […]

the lang cat Guide To Platform Pricing – now live

So today the lang cat launches its very first commercially available market analysis report. Its title is ‘You want how much?’ and the subject, predictably, is platform pricing. We’re pretty excited about it. You can get a sneakypeeky here (just […]

Fashionably late – Skandia joins the transparency gang

There was SIMPLY NO WAY that I’d be able to let this go by. What a day for Skandia, and what a triumph of news management. With UK inflows on SIS dropping 40% and a reminder in the analyst statements […]

Standard Life to the transparency diary room

<<EDIT – Since writing this SL has been in touch – hi, how you doing – to say that I got the charging structure wrong – the charge on the total pot changes at various trigger points rather than a […]

Will platform margins really halve in 3 years?

Hmmm! The redoubtable Southampton-based platform behemoth Skandia has started 2012 in characteristically robust fashion by jack-in-the-boxing on Citywire and predicting that platform margins will halve by 2015. According to Skandia, the market is at 30-50bps now, and will be at […]