The quick and the dead: state of the platform nation


September 2016

It’s that time again and we’re #delighted to introduce THE QUICK AND THE DEAD: STATE OF THE PLATFORM NATION. This follow up to the barn-burning PLATFORMS ARE DEAD is the lang cat’s typically reverential look at the platforms market in 2016.

This time round, as well as the usual analysis of who’s done what, why, to whom, with whom and what the resulting legal bill was, you’ll find!

  • A radically expanded data section with all kinds of useful bits!
  • A deep dive into bulk client transfer, with wise words from Towry’s John Porteous!
  • A new analysis of how much it costs to move a client which is in no way made up!
  • Replatforming and its wily ways!
  • The original, oft-copied but never bettered pricing heatmaps!
  • Platform Man broadens his horizons!
  • Platform analysis on more steroids than a banned Olympian!
  • New, quite disturbing cat pictures!

And more. Much more. This guide won’t do your platform due diligence for you ‘but it’ll be a useful part of it.’ 


Prices have been held at the frankly derisory rate of £150 plus VAT, or £100 plus VAT if you’re a member of a professional body.

  • Use code PFSCAT if you’re a PFS member
  • Use code CISICAT if you’re a CISI member (you see how this works now)
  • Use code 360CAT if youre a threesixty member.

What’s that? We know, we know, we should charge more. You’re right. But we’re generous to a fault. We can’t help it.


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As we’ve been doing since 2011, if you’re a large firm, a network, a provider, an asset manager, a consultancy or really anyone that isn’t a normal-sized adviser firm then you pay a bit more so we can keep the costs down for advisers. We can also ‘for the first time’ bundle your Guide subscription in with regular market monitoring and analysis services.

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