Platform pricing prophecies


July 2015


It won’t have escaped your attention that the platform sector has been ALIVE with price cuts in recent years. It’s all been a result of the following equation: RDR + competitive pressure + focus on due diligence process + significant migration of assets to platforms.

And this is all rather important because the vast majority of new advised business (and direct for that matter) is now being written on platforms. Which means that what ‘PEOPLE’ are paying for platforms is in effect what PEOPLE are paying for custody of their investment products, period.

So, with the aim of predicting how things are going to develop over the next decade, we take you on a visceral journey through the past, present and future of platform pricing. Which, some would argue, really looks into the future of all investment product charging in the UK. Maybe even the world. Maybe not.

By downloading this paper you are going to get:

  • The evolution of custody costs (that’s what we call platform charges, by the way).
  • Contraire views from us on conventional assumptions.
  • Focus on company financials.
  • The future of custody costs.
  • Platform-by-platform trolling (but we’re nice, honest).
  • Our future predictions.
  • A sense of otherworldly wellbeing.


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