Come and have a go: are you being served?



We all know what we like and what we don’t when it comes to being served. Whether it’s shops, restaurants, department store tea rooms or direct investment platforms we know what we want. And just because we don’t have an adviser doing it for us doesn’t mean we will accept an elasticated-waist, one-size-fits-all world.

But do we really know what we want? And even if we do, do we know how to get it?

These are the questions around which the lang cat’s fourth, yes, fourth – annual guide to direct platform investing is artfully constructed.

We tackle those tricky questions and more (ever wondered how squirrels invest? We’ve got your back) behind the wobbly facade of the Lang Cat Bros department store, where you might spot a few familiar faces.

Today’s bargains include:

  • How to work out what part of the growing direct investment market might be the one for you.
  • A new segmentation of the online investment market, to help us all make sense of what robo-advice means, or doesn’t.
  • What the platforms in each segment actually do, how they do it and what they charge for the privilege.
  • Who’s doing what, with whom and to what effect across the direct platform market.
  • A selection of the frankly ridiculous volume of current regulatory updates (including the final report of the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study).
  • Our awards, still mercifully free of Black-Tie-Lacklustre-Comedian-And-Mass-Catering events.
  • And cat pictures. Really, really disturbing ones.



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We hope you enjoy the Guide. We think it’s our best one yet.