A sentimental journey? Retirement income withdrawal through platforms


March 2017

It’s been a whole year since we last took a canter through the decumulation income withdrawal landscape on advised platforms. A lot can change in a year (in fact a lot can change in a week; just ask Philip Hammond), and so we thought we’d have another look. The result of our sentimental journey back in time is A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY? RETIREMENT INCOME WITHDRAWAL THROUGH PLATFORMS.

And we’re glad we did. There’s a bunch of things the industry is doing right, for sure. But there are still areas where things could be so, so much better. It’s a sad reflection of the industry’s end customer focus (or lack of it) that most of the areas which need improvement are ones which directly affect those who, ya’know, just want to get their money back out.

In the Guide you’ll find lots of analysis, big ticky/crossy tables of who does what, pricing analysis and some quite magnificent stock photography. Watch out for Chairman Miaow; he does like to get in front of the camera sometimes!


If you’d like to have a read, you need to pony up a total of zero poonds, thanks to our friends at Zurich who once again sponsored this work so that you can read it without disturbing those moths residing happily in your pocket.


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