March 2021

We’re pleased to announce that the lang cat’s 2020/21 guide to advised investment platforms, State of the Platform Nation, is now live.

In past years we’ve sold this Guide openly for £200 plus the tax. This year, we’ve decided to take a different approach.  The Guide is now exclusively available to premium subscribers to Platform Analyser; the only way you can access it if you’re an advice professional is by signing up.

A year’s subscription to Platform Analyser costs £300 plus VAT which you can pay monthly or annually. Here’s what your money buys you:

  • access to the full Analyser system including the market’s most advanced platform pricing calculator, quick comparisons and full due diligence capabilities,
  • your copy of the annual Guide,
  • four detailed quarterly market insight packs with stats from the last quarter, a round-up of what functionality improvements the 26 platforms we cover have made, wider market news and an in-depth section on platform service based on the ratings of you and your peers.

The whole idea is to give you a one-stop shop for everything you need to keep up to date on the market, as well as a powerful software suitability and pricing tool. It’s always worth checking back to see what we’ve added – on average a new cool thing turns up every month.


  • All the stats and facts you need on the market as a whole; how it did in 2020 and where we think it’s going in 2021.
  • Details on all the mergers, acquisitions and other shenanigans that have been going on over the last year.
  • A one-page review of every platform we can think of, including their key metrics of profitability, AUA, flow and more.
  • Wounded Calf, our mini-pricing section (it’s mini now because you get a whole pricing calculator all to yourself inside Analyser)
  • And loads more.


Just visit the Platform Analyser website, and hit ‘Sign Up’ in the top right-hand corner. Follow your nose, and in about three minutes you’ll be live and kicking. Once you’re all subscribed and have verified your email, head to your Insights tab (again in the top right after login) and grab your Guide and quarterly Adviser Briefing. They’ll always be available up there, so no need to worry about downloading.

We’ll be doing lots more with Analyser both in terms of interesting content and software development in the coming months – all part of the service.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy State of the Platform Nation.

NOTE: If you’re a provider, a wealth manager, a consultancy, or anyone other than a small to medium adviser firm, this won’t work for you. Get in touch and we’ll talk. Your organisation may in fact already have access to our stuff.