February 2021

We’ve updated our Guide to ISA Investing for 2021. It’s for you if you’re looking for a bit of help when deciding on the best home for your stocks and shares ISA. It’s free to download and we take a look at share dealing and pensions too.

Inside you’ll find a quick round-up of what’s been happening lately in the world of personal investing and some pointers we might draw from it. We look at the different levels of support you might expect from investment platform providers, help you compare costs and highlight some top picks of our own.

No-one pays to be included in our Guide and we don’t get any clickthrough fees. We produce it because we enjoy it and think some of you might find it helpful. If you do, please feel free to share it with others and we’d love it if you donated something to our charity partner, Samaritans. You can do that and find out more about their incredible work here.

NOTE: We updated this version of our ISA guide in March to reflect Open Money’s correct charging of 0.47% on the tables on page 13.