January 2021

Welcome to our first-ever ESG paper – ‘Crossing The ESG Event Horizon: An Adviser’s Guide’.

As the title of our report hints at, ESG is a big old subject with a lot of noise surrounding it so, whether you’re an investor or an advice professional, it can feel hard to see the wood for the trees. That’s why our report focuses on really cutting through to the practical realities of sustainable investing today by providing a genuinely helpful resource for advisers.

Featuring exclusive YouGov research from over 1,807 real-life consumers and over 316 advice professionals, the report also includes a healthy dose of the types of opinion that you’ve come to expect from the lang cat.

If you missed our roundtable on the paper then you can watch it back on our YouTube channel here.

Crossing The ESG Event Horizon: An Adviser’s Guide is free to download thanks to Schroders who supported this paper. We thank them for making this paper free for everyone to access and you for taking the time to read it. We hope you enjoy it.