July 2020

In this paper we take a lang cat-style look at Centralised Investment Propositions. With our recent research showing over 80% of firms now have a CIP of one form or another, we wonder out loud whether where we are is where we want to be, and how things might be better.

We’re particularly interested in how the serried ranks of fund managers, platforms, advisers and back office providers involved in creating and delivering CIPs deliver value (or not) for your clients in terms of charges, and your firm in terms of the cost of delivery.

We also examine how MiFID II has affected the ongoing management of CIPs. And we test the theory that technology has the potential to not only improve the service and experience the client receives, but also create a more cost effective, less risky business model in the process. Can we make CIPs better, stronger and faster than they were before? That’s the six million dollar question.

We’re pleased to bring you findings from new research with over 100 financial advice professionals conducted especially for this paper – all of whom use CIPs. We are hugely grateful to everyone who took time to help us out.

The paper is free to download, thanks to our friends and yours at Intelliflo. But just to be clear, the fine people there didn’t have any input into the paper – it’s every bit as independent as you are used to from the lang cat.

We hope you enjoy Better. Stronger. Faster. As ever, do let us know what you think.