Advisers Assemble: Why more advisers and DFMs are choosing to operate their own platform

July 2021

‘Hero’ is a big word, and not one many advisers, planners or DFMs might readily apply to themselves. But as the saying goes, not all superheroes wear capes. While advice professionals aren’t (to our knowledge) blessed with powers like superhuman strength or the ability to move things with their mind, for many clients the power of financial planning can itself be life-changing. And to us, that’s nothing short of heroic.

In Platform Land too, advisers are starting to become the masters of their own destiny, and the heroes of their own story (see what we did there?). The profession is gaining greater influence across the board, and rather than taking what they are given, advice firms are starting to choose and build the technology ‘stacks’ that will best serve their clients with the experience they want to deliver.

To get under the bonnet of what’s going on here, Seccl (with a little help from us) has put together a new paper: ‘Advisers assemble: Why more advisers and DFMs are choosing to operate their own platform’.

The paper looks at what it means to operate a platform of your own, why advisers and investment managers are going down this route, and the different options available to firms looking to control more of the platform experience for their clients.

It also tackles some of the requirements and challenges around this different way of working for firms, considering whether building a platform is right for them.

‘Advisers assemble’ is free to download – thanks to Seccl – so suit up, have a read and let us know what you think.

If you want to hear more from Seccl on this theme, head on over to our YouTube channel and catch up with Home Games featuring Sam Handfield-Jones (Co-CEO) and Dan Marsh (Head of Customer).