Throwing all we know about customer demographics, platform data and adviser views into the mix, it’s clear to us that managing withdrawal strategies is going to be a huge deal for the platform sector for the foreseeable future. Yet, our research continues to show us that there are bigger-than-you-think variations across the market in how platforms facilitate customer income. Our paper looks at these issues in detail. You’ll find a breakdown of whether each of the main platforms do (or don’t do) lots of different things, a comprehensive look at the kind of questions we reckon adviser firms will be asking platforms when they do their research and all the usual bad jokes you’ve come to know and tolerate.


This paper is free to download as you please. And that’s because it’s kindly sponsored by Zurich. Clearly the good people at the Zurich platform have a commercial interest in the topic, but it had no say in the analysis or commentary and we don’t say anything here that we wouldn’t say if we weren’t being paid. We say this every time we put out a sponsored piece but it doesn’t make it any less true.