This is a job advertisement for two new roles at the lang cat.   
Don’t know us? The lang cat delivers market-defining insight and research and consultancy and stuff to the platform, pension, investment and fintech sectors.

We’ve been growing over the past year, so now we need an Account Executive and a PR Manager to help us manage the load.

Our client base ranges from high street banks to fund managers to fintech startups to global technology suppliers. All of them use us because a) we rock, b) we deliver and c) we know exactly what we’re talking about in our chosen marketplace, which is retail savings and investments.


The roles of Account Executive and PR Manager at the lang cat will largely involve supporting the PR and Communications Account Directors deliver an exceptional service to our clients. Both of these new roles are essential for the smooth running of our retained client and project services.

You are also likely to be called on to assist with PR and communications for the lang cat itself from time to time, so an understanding of our core specialisms and target market is an advantage.

The successful Account Executive and PR Manager will be as comfortable working collaboratively as independently.

An ability to juggle competing demands and multiple deadlines is crucial, as is an ability to create high quality written work.

For the Account Executive role, you’ll already have a good grasp of the PR basics and for the PR Manager role you’ll have relevant experience and are likely to be looking to take on more responsibility as you develop your career in PR and communications.

We don’t care if you learned your craft client-side or agency-side. But for both roles you’ll certainly be dealing with multiple clients and competing priorities on your time, so you’ll need to prove to us you’re able to balance those demands.

You’ll need to have some understanding of what goes on in and around the retail financial services space and a willingness to learn more.


  • Media relations: Creating appropriate media distribution lists (using software provided), issuing press releases to media, liaising with journalists, meeting external stakeholders and identifying further coverage opportunities.
  • Account support: Taking minutes at regular client calls, maintaining evaluation documents, contributing to team meetings.
  • Client sector monitoring and reporting: Understanding the environment in which our clients operate, monitoring the news agenda, keeping a close watch on what’s trending, and reporting updates to the wider PR and communications team.
  • Research and reporting: Conducting research and analysis to support client activity, reporting on media coverage.
  • Content creation: Working with the PR Manager to help draft client PR and communications content (internal/external) including press releases, by-lines, briefing documents, client emails, blogs and social media posts.


  • Media relations: Tailoring media distribution lists (using software provided) to ensure they remain current and appropriate, building valuable journalist relationships, meeting external stakeholders and identifying further coverage opportunities.
  • Account support: Taking on more of a management leadership role in client and team meetings and supporting the PR Directors deliver exceptional client support.
  • Client sector knowledge and reporting: Providing insight and analysis of news trends to the wider PR and communications team.
  • Content creation: Drafting and editing client PR and communications content (internal/external) including press releases, by-lines, briefing documents, client emails, blogs and social media posts to a high quality.
  • Leadership and support: Providing day-to-day support to the Account Executive, sharing your PR knowledge and experience to help them learn and grow.


  • An ability to build and maintain trusted and positive working relationships with clients and journalists
  • A good understanding of financial services products and services, gained over a minimum of one year working within the sector
  • An ability to generate creative ideas where the brief gives space for this
  • Writing to brief and to deadline
  • Excellent standard of writing in terms of grammar, structure and style


  • ACCOUNTABLE – we don’t do the slopey shoulder thing. No space for it in a small business.
  • RELENTLESS – we work with some very large companies who trust us to get their messages out. You’ll need to be determined in your dealings with them, and your work on their behalf.
  • FLEXIBLE – we all get our hands dirty at the lang cat. No-one is above any job. You’re highly likely to see Mark (the founder) stuffing envelopes or whatever (anything to avoid real work) and that goes for everyone. You’ll also need to be flexible (within reason) with working hours to suit our clients, not all of whom are UK-based. We’ll be flexible in return.
  • ORGANISED – you have to have to have to be able to organise yourself. Planning, prioritisation, delivery. No-one else will do it for you and if you let stuff drop you’ll find yourself explaining it to your client very quickly and that’s always unpleasant for everyone. Don’t confuse our irreverent style with carelessness.
  • CREATIVE – we pride ourselves on being able to spot hooks, angles and different approaches which other agencies miss. We’re always open to new ideas (apart from where to go for lunch, which is Teuchters in Leith).
  • COLLABORATIVE – you’ve got one of the industry’s best insight teams sat right behind you so you should probably use it. Not sure how to pitch a story so it resonates with advisers or investors or potential clients of your account? Ask the others.


What you get in return for your effort is a working life which is:

  • FLEXIBLE – lots of us have family and caring commitments outside work and we’ll do our best with all of it.
  • VARIED – some days probably are the same, but not many.
  • SUPPORTIVE – ‘no’ isn’t a word you’ll hear too often if you come up with stuff we should do either for ourselves or for one of our clients.
  • CHALLENGING – we do push ourselves and we try to be honest with each other if something isn’t up to scratch. But in a supportive way.
  • COLLEGIATE – we’re not sure that’s the right word, but the team is there for everyone. All you ever have to do is ask.
  • OPEN – everyone gets to find out how we’re doing and we discuss the big decisions.

We’re always very keen to hear from ‘returners’ who are looking to re-enter the industry after a break.

We’re committed to being open to talented candidates irrespective of your gender, race, faith, sexuality and physical ability. What we care about is your ability to do the job. If you’re going to be working out of our Leith office then we’re pleased to say it’s wheelchair accessible.


These are full-time roles.

The Account Executive will be based at the lang cat’s beautiful, airy offices in Leith, Edinburgh, but with travel from time to time and some potential for hybrid working once you’re up and running. For the PR Manager role, we are thinking of it as an Edinburgh role – but if you’re not based here you might be able to convince us that your location isn’t important.

Both positions are permanent roles and come with a six month probationary period. Salary is competitive and will depend on experience.

There’s a pension scheme (8% unconditional), a bonus scheme, and 32 days’ holiday per year plus Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Working hours are flexible and you can work from home at least some of the time if you want. After three months you will qualify for a death in service benefit of 4 times gross salary. We have an extended benefits policy which gives access to certain additional health and wellbeing services. You get access to the office Sonos on the understanding that ritual humiliation of your music taste will be guaranteed. The coffee is decent and plentiful.


If the Account Executive or PR manager role sounds like something that doesn’t frighten the hell out of you, then get in touch at

For both roles, please send your CV with a cover letter making sure you:

  • Tell us why you want to build a career in financial services PR and communications
  • Tell us your notice period (if applicable)
  • Answer one of the following questions (max 500 words)
    • Which financial services news story over the last couple of years has had the biggest impact on the industry? (Explain your reasons why)
    • Which company has caught your attention over the last couple of years, for the right reasons? (Explain your reasons why)
    • Which company has caught your attention over the last couple of years, for the wrong reasons? (Explain your reasons why)


send your CV and covering letter to


Hello you. We’ve never paid for hiring staff and don’t plan to start now. But if you do think you’ve got the bestest candidate ever, you can put them up for our consideration, on one condition. If we take them, we’ll pay your fee. But if we don’t take them, you agree to pay us 25% of your candidate’s first year’s target salary. Because sauce for the goose, is sauce for, y’know, the other thing.