if you haven’t read our main recruitment page about what it’s like to work at the lang cat then do that first. It’s OK, we’ll wait.

Our communications business is growing and we need a quality marketing communications person who knows their financial services onions.   


In this role you’ll be working on a number of client accounts, potentially including the lang cat itself. The majority of your time will be spent creating marketing communications collateral – online and offline – for our clients. You’ll also spend time on more general content they may need, and you’ll definitely collaborate with clients, ensuring that they’re getting the right angles and messages for what it is they want to talk about.  

To do this well, you’ll develop strong relationships with your clients and the lang cat team. You’re going to need research and insight to deliver great stuff for your clients; that’s where your colleagues come in. 

You’ll set time aside each week for ensuring you’re up to date with the parts of the industry relevant to your clients, so you can bring them ideas and, in time, anticipate their requirements.  

When you start writing a piece of collateral, you’ll already have scoped it out in detail with your client and other felines on the account, and will work to an agreed project plan. We are not fans of the big reveal at the end; consistent collaboration is the key. We have ways of doing all this; you won’t be on your own.  

Although you’ll have to manage clients and yourself, you won’t have any line management responsibilities in this role.  


It goes without saying that you’ll be practiced in the marketing communications basics. We don’t care if you learned your craft client-side or agency-side. But you’ll certainly be dealing with multiple clients and competing priorities on your time in this role, so if you’ve only ever been client-side then you’ll need to prove to us you’re able to balance those demands. 

It also goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, that you’ll need to know your stuff in and around the retail financial services space. You don’t need to be a technical expert or anything – we’ve got that in the team already – but if we have to explain what a pension, or a platform, or an IFA, or an ETF is to you then you’re going to find life pretty intolerable. We’ll test you at interview stage.  

You’ll also – spoiler alert – need excellent written and verbal communications skills. We’ll test you at interview stage. If you don’t have these may we recommend a career in the actuarial profession? 

We have a very flat structure at the lang cat. That means we’ve got an open mind about what level of seniority you may have achieved in your last roles. You might have ‘specialist’ in your title, or ‘manager’, or whatever. If you think you’re a good fit, then you’re someone we want to hear from. 


This is a full-time role based either at the lang cat’s beautiful, airy offices in Leith, Edinburgh, or your home office/spare bedroom (or a combination of the two) but with travel from time to time. If you love the look of the role but can’t do five days a week, still get in touch. We’re open to alternatives. 

It’s a permanent role, but comes with a six month probationary period. Salary will depend on experience.  

There’s a pension scheme (8% unconditional), a bonus scheme, life cover and you can have a holiday sometimes if you must. 

When in Edinburgh you get access to the office Sonos on the understanding that ritual humiliation of your music taste will be guaranteed. The coffee is decent and plentiful. Sometimes there are biscuits. 


We’re screwed, aren’t we? We’re aiming too high. It’s too much to ask. Does such a person even exist? 

But…but…if we can find someone that ticks all these boxes, we can promise them a working environment unlike any they’ve had before. We can promise them flexibility in work patterns including the option to work predominantly from home – many of us have families and understand how hard it is to fit everything in. And we can promise that they’ll be joining a team which is growing, which enjoys a stellar reputation in its niche and which has a true intent to leave the industry better than they found it. 

If that sounds like something that doesn’t frighten the hell out of you, then get in touch 

And that’s it. Hope to hear from you all soon. Especially you 


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