Hello you.

Well, this feels odd to say after the year we’ve all had, but the lang cat is busier than we’ve ever been and we need to staff up a bit. We’ve got three positions open at the moment:

Each links to its own page: I’ll send you off to investigate each opportunity in a moment, but before I do, a word about us and a word about you.

First things first, the lang cat is still not a huge business. This little hiring spree will take us up to 20 fine individuals. Life in a small business is really different to working in big firms – if you haven’t done it already then make sure you’re up for the change. There are plenty of good ‘pros and cons’ articles out there.

Second, we’re specialists in our field. We don’t put any time limit on experience that you must have in the sector – some folk learn more in a year than others do in ten – but this just can’t be the place for you if you’re not into platforms, investments, pensions and the advisory sector.  Trust me, you’ll be miserable. But if you’re curious, motivated and into it, you shouldn’t worry if you have some gaps in your knowledge.

Third, no matter what role we’re recruiting for, there are six qualities we look for, and here they are:

  • ACCOUNTABLE – we don’t do the slopey shoulder thing. No space for it in a small business.
  • CURIOUS – there is plenty we all don’t know yet and the pursuit of it is always worthwhile.
  • FLEXIBLE – we all get our hands dirty at the lang cat. No-one is above any job.
  • ORGANISED – you have to have to have to be able to organise yourself. Don’t confuse our irreverent style with carelessness.
  • CREATIVE – we know our stuff, but we’re also able to spot insights, hooks, angles and different approaches which others might miss.
  • COLLABORATIVE – you’ve got one of the industry’s best teams at your disposal. We suggest you use it…


  • FLEXIBLE – we’ll say more on this below, but there’s more to life than work.
  • VARIED – some days probably are the same, but not many.
  • SUPPORTIVE – ‘no’ isn’t a word you’ll hear too often if you come up with stuff we should do either for ourselves or for one of our clients.
  • CHALLENGING – we push ourselves and try to be honest with each other if something isn’t up to scratch. But in a supportive way.
  • COLLEGIATE – not sure that’s the right word, but the team is there for everyone. All you ever have to do is ask.
  • OPEN – everyone gets to find out how we’re doing and we discuss the big decisions.


In terms of flexibility, each job will have its own patterns; sometimes they’ll emerge over time. We prioritise getting the work done over keeping set hours, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to pull all-nighters.

While we think each of the three roles above are full-time or close to that, we’re happy to talk about different working patterns. Lots of us have family and caring commitments outside work and we’ll do our best with all of it. We’re always very keen to hear from ‘returners’ who are looking to re-enter the industry after a break.

We’re committed to being open to talented candidates irrespective of your gender, race, faith, sexuality and physical ability. What we care about is your brain and your ability to do the job. If you’re going to be working out of our Leith office (when we’re all back) then you should know that it’s wheelchair accessible.

For all but one of the opportunities, you can live and work wherever you like. We’ve learned how to do remote in the last year and we’re better for it. The product development job does need to be in Edinburgh given its nature. Even if you’re based here, you don’t have to work in the office all the time; we’ll kit you out to work from home if you want.

And that’s it. If we sound like the kind of bunch you want to work with then have a look at the opportunities that we have open and write us a nice note along with your CV, making it clear which role you’re applying for. Pro tip: the niceness of the note in terms of how much effort you put into it will be important. We bin things with speling and grammar mistakes in them, so use this as a chance to show off.

Send it all to:


Hi! We think you’re lovely, but we don’t like your fees very much and so we’ll only accept approaches from you on the following proviso. If we take your candidate we’ll pay your fee. If we don’t, you have to pay us the fee you would have charged if we did take them. Deal? Hello? Anyone? Thought not.

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