by shining a light on the advised investment sector and publishing the results in a form which makes people want to read on.

There are consultancies who specialise in 250-slide packs by MBA graduates who are quietly Googling “what is rebalancing?”.

There are others who you bring in when those 250 slides need turned into something real. We’re the second sort.

We do this by delighting in staying close to the market. Whether it’s how MiFID II is playing out, whether it really is worth launching that MPS proposition, or how you can maximise the impact of your technology spend, we are across the detail.


We gather insane amounts of data for our Analyser system. And we publish a quarterly Platform Market Scorecard (PMS) which has the widest market coverage of any regular insight publication on the market, with flows, AUA, adviser sentiment on platforms, macro sector commentary and the detail of which platforms have made what upgrades in the last quarter. Each quarter we also take a deep dive into an area of functionality – previous quarters have included cash on platforms, adviser charging and model portfolios. Every fourth quarter your PMS is expanded out to form our famous annual State of the Platform Nation guide.

We stay close to advisers too – over 1,250 firms have signed up to our research panel.

We also publish a reference annual adviser census called State of the Adviser Nation or SOTAN. Each wave takes the temperature of hundreds of firms on areas from business pressures through to investment outsourcing through to where they intend to place pressure to reduce the costs of investing. We think it’s the best of its type, and that’s because we know what questions to ask.


If you’re a provider, tech firm, large adviser firm, consultant, asset manager, DFM, bank, or analyst, ask us to help you with…


Use us to help inform your product, distribution and marketing strategy. Or ask us to dive into an area of mutual interest and publish the results in one of our famous reports.


Our quarterly Market Insight Package includes our Platform Market Scorecard and a copy of SOTAN. Your quarterly insight requirements – sorted. You can also choose to include an Analyser license.


From proof of concept to post-launch tweaks; from intense qualitative feedback to quant exercises, we have the reach to get it done, quickly, accurately and at a reasonable price.

If you’re a small to medium adviser firm, you’ll find our best thinking and an infinitely useful regtech tool over at Analyser. We’ll see you there after the jump.

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