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Trolling in the deep

So a funny thing happened to me today. Not funny ha ha, a funny peculiar sort of thing. You might find it funny ha ha, I don’t know. That’s the nature of perception, it’s individual. Anyway, Chris Gilchrist was writing […]

The rich get richer, the poor get the picture – Nucleus does its bit

There have been few things I’ve enjoyed more since joining the lang cat than buffing up our patented Recursive Pricing Engine (with integrated Turing Guessing Module). But it’s been a little quiet on the pricing front, so when I heard […]

Slainte mhath from the lang cat

Well, that’s been quite a year. As I look around me I see an industry full of completely done-in, knackered, farmutshet folks. Don’t know why, it’s not like anything big’s happening at the end of 2012… …Ho, ho. As I […]

My life as a pie chart

So I came across this article today, called Retiring The Portfolio Screenshot. I opened it thinking it was something about what clients see about their investments on wrap platforms. But it isn’t. It’s about creative types doing better demos of […]

Standard Life to the transparency diary room

<<EDIT – Since writing this SL has been in touch – hi, how you doing – to say that I got the charging structure wrong – the charge on the total pot changes at various trigger points rather than a […]