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The lang cat’s albums of 2021

Well here we are, right at the point where the old year gives a feeble cough, exhales and lets its eyes roll back as the violins swell. Hogmanay afternoon is a nothingy sort of time, so it’s a good chance […]


First things first – you’re not expected to read this (though it’s obviously lovely if you do). I’ve done a roundup of my albums of the year every year since we started – so this is the tenth one – […]

DataViz: A fresh look at financial services

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then financial services has gone well and truly mad. Having joined the industry around two months ago, this has been my […]

Booting ISAs in the baws – tax year end 2015/16

Well now, the IA has just put out its stats for tax year end (TYE) 2015/16 and it’s not nice reading. The full release is here but this table which I nabbed from the release tells quite a story. 2014/15 […]

What should we do about sequence risk?

Sequence risk has been a hot topic lately and with recent market volatility questions of post-retirement portfolio construction are at the forefront of advisers’ minds. However, new research from CWC Research produced for the FE Investment Summit later this month, […]

What will September bring?

If there is one thing I’ve learnt during 20 years in financial services, it’s that August is traditionally a quiet month. Everyone goes on holiday and then frantically crams in two months work into September. Already I can feel the […]