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First things first – you’re not expected to read this (though it’s obviously lovely if you do). I’ve done a roundup of my albums of the year every year since we started – so this is the tenth one – […]

DataViz: A fresh look at financial services

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then financial services has gone well and truly mad. Having joined the industry around two months ago, this has been my […]

Booting ISAs in the baws – tax year end 2015/16

Well now, the IA has just put out its stats for tax year end (TYE) 2015/16 and it’s not nice reading. The full release is here but this table which I nabbed from the release tells quite a story. 2014/15 […]

What should we do about sequence risk?

Sequence risk has been a hot topic lately and with recent market volatility questions of post-retirement portfolio construction are at the forefront of advisers’ minds. However, new research from CWC Research produced for the FE Investment Summit later this month, […]

What will September bring?

If there is one thing I’ve learnt during 20 years in financial services, it’s that August is traditionally a quiet month. Everyone goes on holiday and then frantically crams in two months work into September. Already I can feel the […]

Better communications: Only smarties have the answer

I was interested to read the FCA’s discussion paper around smarter consumer communications, published yesterday here. The Regulator has recognised the fact that the way the financial services industry communicates with its customers often leaves a lot to be desired. […]