No, not until Christmas (you’ve got 15 weeks for that. Depressed yet?)

But it is just nine weeks until the lang cat returns to The Crypt on the Green in fashionable Clerkenwell for the sixth in our annual series of THE DEADx TALKS. We’ll be there on the afternoon of 14 November, and the purpose of this blog is to whip you into a FRENZY of PURCHASE INTENT and then CONVERT you, all in under 350 words. Good work if we can do it. #marketing

The idea of THE DEADx TALKS is to be a bit different from other industry conferences – you’d expect that from the lang cat.

  • Where others make you sit there for a day, we’ll have you for just a packed half day.
  • Where others are slaves to sponsors, no-one will ever be able to pay to speak at DEADx. 100% of our speakers are invited because they’re interesting, not rich.
  • Where others skate across the surface, we go deep. DEADx is for those who are ready to engage with a subject in depth.
  • Where others horse you for well over £500, sometimes up to £800, we ask just £200.

Our theme this year is value – particularly in asset management for obvious reasons, but right across the provision of retail investment. Our speakers include:

  • Jackie Boylan, head of FundsNetwork, Fidelity International
  • John Rowland, executive director of Cicero
  • JB, Author of ‘New Fund Order’ and NED
  • Justin Basini, founder of ClearScore
  • Justin Onuekwusi, head of retail multi-asset funds, Legal & General Investment Management
  • Kelli Byrnes, vice president, BlackRock portfolio analysis and solutions

You can get full details by visiting Or if you’re ready to sign up – and why wouldn’t you be – just click the button below. And then pay. I mean, you can’t get a ticket just by clicking the button. That would be ridiculous.

Right, I’ve only got 28 words left, so I’ll just point out that The Crypt only holds 140, so if you do fancy it, please get a shift on.

See you there

Mark and the lang cats

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