It’s nice to be listened to isn’t it? It’s even better when what you’re saying is being both listened to and shock horror… acted upon. Well, here’s a revelation for you; we love hearing what you’ve got to say about life in the financial services world. Whether it’s more Dismaland than Disneyland or you want to put the PROD Sourcebook through the shredder, we want to know about it and we’ve launched an annual survey to let you have your say. State of the Adviser Nation, step into the spotlight.

The story so far

We set up an adviser panel a while back and every now and then, we ask it for opinions on anything industry related. We have a lot of love for our panel because it gives us really, really, good stuff to work with. Some of the panel are advisers; others are paraplanners, administrators and compliance directors. Whatever the role, the views we’ve been given so far have already made a difference by:

  • shaping our own approach to assisting advisers with platform due diligence,
  • helping us understand adviser views and readiness for PROD,
  • providing us with in-depth analysis about technology in your business, so we can build a picture of current adviser needs in this area.

Through this participation, we’ve got a much better idea of where to concentrate our research and developments, and you can be part of it.

Taking it to the next level

The panel is already hard at work on the survey so by completing it, you’re joining well over 400 of your fellow advice professionals. Of course, you can still complete the survey and not be part of the panel (just make sure you tell us at the end of the survey) but by jings, you’ll be rewarded if you do join it.

Tempted? Or just fancy a good old rant? We hope so.

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