Lots of interesting stuff over the weekend, so for those of you with a life who didn’t spend the weekend reviewing the personal finance press, here’s a quick round up.

Friday evening started with a bang (#langcatlife) with the FT front cover on pension fund transparency. Much more to come on this, building on the excellent work coming from Andy Agathangelou & the Transparency Task Force. Henry Tapper’s views on this subject are also well worth reading.

Saturday morning saw the Telegraph getting stuck into pensions, off the back of Andy Haldane’s clickbait comments the previous week. The Guardian also wrote about the complexities of pensions, and challenged the previously held a rule of thumb of 4% withdrawals.

The Mail on Sunday broke the news of M&G reducing their charges for direct investors. This has been widely reported elsewhere in the trades this morning, and is further evidence of the price pressure that most of the industry is facing. We expect this to be a big theme over coming months, and no one is immune. We know of one firm who are about to launch a proposition for under 50bps, for advice, custody, investments, the lot. Loads of coverage in the real world press on pensions, charges, and the need to take control of your financial future. The times are a changing….

Finally, and on a lighter note, the seven unmistakable signs of a shit brand consultant. Note to anyone involved in a robo proposition! check the millennial point!.

Have a good week