Afternoon, just a short post.

I’m delighted and intimidated in equal measures to say that today we welcome a new addition to the ranks at the lang cat. Please say a heartfelt hello to Lucy Edmans. Hello Lucy!

Delighted, because Lucy has joined to help us fulfil some of the many big plans we have here at lang cat HQ to improve our stuff, particularly around data analysis, including the work we do for our clients, our research publications and the tables that feature all over the national press.

And intimidated, because it became apparent mid-way through her interview that it is going to take the sum total of 2 and a half days, maybe less, for Lucy to become significantly more competent than any of us with data. Here is someone who brought a book on data visualisation to her interview and came prepared with hand-made drawings on how to improve our #heatmaps. So, no pressure then.

Lucy is a proper, capable maths person, having graduated from Edinburgh University a couple of years ago. She also joins us with energy and enthusiasm befitting of someone who is yet to be mercilessly ground down by years in Financial Service. Something to look forward to Lucy.

Lucy does lots of cool stuff in her (soon to be extremely limited, hahaha etc!) spare time including being the only lang cat to play a competitive sport (Netball), playing saxophone (we’ve already established she can play Baker St) and she is a seasoned events organiser. Lucy is already settling in; she is doing a grand job of humouring the rest of the team as we go through a bedding in period of being polite to each other and pretending to be normal, functioning members of society.

Do please take a moment of your time to welcome Lucy. Follow her on Twitter via the alliteratively delightful @langcatlucy.

As you were,