The brain is a weird thing; it sometimes gets you to care about things you shouldn’t. We launch our new website today, hope you like it and all that, and it’s obviously all very exciting for us. Less so for you.

Three and a half years ago or so, when setting up the lang cat, I sat down with no knowledge of HTML, CSS or WordPress and boshed together a website, for no more than £37 of hosting fees. which I reckoned would do until I could do something proper.

It ended up ‘doing’ until today. This teaches us what? Something about procrastination, I suppose, but also that you can form attachments to the oddest things. The new site is 5,000 times better in every conceivable way than the old one. But I’ll miss the old one.

I wonder what other things I, and any business owner, maybe even you; are holding onto on the basis of sentiment, or laziness, or habit?