Hello, just a short post.

I’m #delighted to say that the lang cat’s ranks have been swelled with the arrival of a new feline. The cat in question is Steven Nelson, who joins us from Scottish Life, where he did lots of things including customer and market insight, wrangling comparison tools and best advice systems and composing black metal symphonies on Tuesday afternoons.* ScotLife’s loss is definitely our gain and Steve is already making a difference on his second day. I’m not sure exactly what that difference is, but there’s definitely something up.

Steve is a rare mix on lots of levels. He’s a super-capable analyst and a talented copywriter (he even does screenwriting in his spare time, of which he won’t have much, I assure you). He has a computer science degree but no immediately evident personal hygiene issues. He is a long-time Dunfermline supporter but seems free of the festering bag of hate most Pars fans lug around with them. He is, in fact a ninja on many levels and as such has taken the honorary title of #ninjacat here at the lang cat Port Authority.

You can email Steve on steven@langcatfinancial.com and follow him on Twitter at @langcatsteve. You should totally do both, if you want.

From my point of view, it feels great to bring in fresh blood and to recognise properly (rather than just by working till 2am all the time) that the lang cat is growing up quickly from its cute, cuddly kitten phase, into a Scarface Claw-lookalike who’ll take your eye out soon as look at you. We’ll be recruiting again soon – watch this space.

As you were

*one of these is not true