Forgive the ramblings of an extremely tired but proud dad. This clearly has nothing to do with platforms or pensions, but I frankly see no point in having your own website if you can’t do stuff like this on it.

Anyway, April 17, 2011 at 0716 saw the birth of Angus Matthew Polson, the lang kitten, brother of Catriona and the new Chief Technology Officer of the lang cat. The lang kitten weighed in at 8lb 11oz and his mother knows all about that, having done the whole thing on no more than 2 paracetamol, which is not enough analgesia for me to deal with a mildly achy bonce.

Everyone is safe, back home and recovering from the exertions. As I write this, the lang kitten is reclining in a Moses basket, composing a strategy document for a post-RDR lang cat consultancy pitch. He has already shown a strong aversion to insured mirror funds, inflated TERs on closet trackers and fat-margin bonds sold by the unscrupulous to the unwary. Good lad.

The lang cat has been a bit quiet of late, mainly pressures of work and getting things ready for the arrival. That isn’t to say things haven’t been getting me cross – far from it – so now the meteor has hit I’ll try and resume normal service. Plus if I offend anyone, I can always put it down to sleep deprivation.

Finally, I can do no better than to round off with the words of an octogenarian family friend who, when told that we now have progeny covering the binary possiblities of human gender, said “Ah, you can put the tools back in their box then.” Now, where did I put those wirecutters?