Well, that’s pretty much it as far as work goes for 2010. It’s been a huge year for pensions and platforms. As more comes our way in 2011 I guess my wish for next year is that we find a way to get more people as motivated to sort out their financial lives as they will be to try and find the best bargains for stuff they neither want nor need in the sales.

On a personal note, it’s been a huge year too. Since leaving Standard Life in September and setting up the lang cat, I’ve been reminded over and again how many fine people there are in this industry. To those who have offered help, support and encouragement – many, many thanks. I am officially naming 2011 The Year Of The Cat, and look forward to working with lots of you in the months to come. Look out for some big news from the lang cat soon after Hogmanay.

Enough of all that. Sadly Cage Against The Machine didn’t make it to Christmas #1 this year. So in that vein here’s a great video from Malcolm Middleton (ex of Arab Strap) with a truly festive Christmas number that failed to make the top spot last year. It’s called ‘We’re All Going To Die’ and it’s the best Christmas video ever made.

Keep warm, have a great Christmas and a happy Hogmanay. Slainte.